What’s in Store - SAMES e-Jet 2 Manual Powder System

05 May, 2017

Minimizing powder consumption is a key success factor for any modern powder coating line.

With this in mind, all of Oliver Technologies stocked powder coating equipment products are designed for maximum efficiency and to achieve the best possible usage of the coating powder.

That’s why we stock and recommend the SAMES e-Jet Powder Coating Systems when it comes to any manual powder coating application.

Why we love the SAMES e-Jet System:

  • High transfer gun with consistent pattern.
  • Regulated pump air to allow precision application and powder saving technology.
  • Integrated controls to enable adjustment of powder flow and voltage without returning to the controller. There are 4 basic pre-adjustments in memory for round spray, flat spray, recoating or metallic powder application to enable adaptation to different surfaces.
  • Numerous colour changes are supported with a vibrating table feature that accepts all standard powder suppliers’ boxes.
  • Rapid cleaning as system is fitted with Fast Clean, an exclusive system that improves the efficiency of the cleaning of powder hoses.

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